Restoring Classic Pickup Trucks Involves Thought

Thousands of people restore old trucks and cars, not only for the financial reward, but for the sheer pleasure of doing so. Believe it or not, there is a stereotype of individual who not only craves this type of hobby but also goes to great lengths to make it happen. So what does the avid enthusiast of vintage trucks think about when getting involved in the huge process of restoration?

First, there is the hunt. The perfect truck for each person is one that either invokes a memory of years ago or simply a love at first sight type of feeling. Classic pickup trucks have a way of bringing back the child in us or fulfilling an emotion by restoring the memory of a loved one’s inherited property after they are gone. For the restorer, half of the fun is in finding and procuring that truck. There is a thrill and excitement in this part of the journey that in some ways can be compared to an adrenalin rush. It’s a milestone in the completion of a memory Continue reading