Aston Martin Appealing To All

Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded a car corporation, Bamford Martin, in 1913. The title was revised to Aston Martin later and was derived from Lionel’s last title plus the location where he experienced raced specials which was at Aston Hill. Their very first auto was produced in Kensington in 1915 however was put at a standstill due to the outbreak of Earth War I. The many machinery was sold whilst Martin joined the Admiralty and Bamford went with the Royal Army Service Crops.

After the war, Bamford left the firm. The autos that Martin and Bamford had developed were of high high quality and set earth speed records, but nevertheless within the 1920’s it went broke and was bought by Lady Charnwood who had included her son on the board. All the same, it continued to fail, and in 1926, Lionel Martin, the remaining founder, left the firm immediately after it closed. Continue reading